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Moon Warmers - Neck Wrap

Moon Warmers - Neck Wrap

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CIELO neck wraps are the ultimate self-care products for some of the most common modern ailments: "tech neck" and anxiety.

They are the perfect gift for anyone! Microwave for 1-2 minutes for soothing heat therapy, or chill in the freezer. Drape around neck or any part of the body. There is a "weighted blanket" effect. 

Iowa manufacturers create our patented crescent shape from premium cotton canvas, then fill them with 2.5 pounds of pure flax seed and a dried herb blend for aromatherapy.

*why is flax seed the best grain to fill hot/cold packs? Flax seeds are tiny and soft so they conform beautifully to the body. No lumpiness here! Flax also contains natural oils, which makes it the perfect grain to heat. It's a more costly, more effective grain for these products and we are proud to use it.

*each neck wrap is double-stitched for durability, but treat with care. They retain their calming scent for two years- after that, you may scent them with essential oils if desired.

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